Brothers in Art

Brothers In Art is one of the groups of men who are sharing their journey of growing up in the North East of England.

“We are a group for men and, although we come from different backgrounds, we all share an interest in being creative and experiencing new things.  We are open-minded and like to try new things, like working with different artists and learning new skills. We listen to each other, collaborate and try to bring out the best in one another - everyone's opinions and ideas are listened to.  We would welcome anyone to attend one of our sessions or join our group.”

Meet some of their members…

Paul S L Richardson-Chute - I’m a sculptor, painter, musician and poet and have a BA in Fine Art from Northumbria University and an MA in Fine Art from The University of Sunderland. I make abstract as well as representational artworks and I’m influenced by surrealism. I became involved with Brothers In Art after working at Northumberland Recovery Partnership in Blyth with another artist.  He told me about the opportunity and I'm glad I became involved with the art projects.

Tom Higgins - I first got into art about four years ago as a way of dealing with depression.  I use it to help me focus and lift my mood. About two years ago my personal circumstances changed and I moved to South East Northumberland.  I then became involved in volunteering, and through that joined Koast radio as a DJ. I also got involved with bait and the Active Citizens program to try to help others in this area.