NRP group

The NRP (Northumberland Recovery Partnership) group of men worked with artist Ruth Johnson. At the start Ruth asked the men what they would like to achieve and the outcome was a “recovery map” showing the pitfalls of early recovery as well as the amazing new opportunities on offer for someone becoming abstinent from their drug of choice. Over the course of eight weeks a detailed map was formed and Ruth made a pamphlet, which folded out into the recovery map. When completed the idea of narrating the map in the style of someone from ‘Trip Advisor’ was put forward.  The result is a 17- minute audio recording featuring the ideas and voices of the men involved. It tells the story of recovery in stages delivered in an extremely poignant and authentic way.


Northumberland Recovery Partnership (NRP) is a dedicated service for anyone in Northumberland, 18 years old or over, who is experiencing problems with drugs and alcohol. They are there to help, believing recovery from addiction and substance misuse is possible for everyone.

NRP is a partnership between Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust, Changing Lives and Turning Point.