Journeymen member, Tom Higgins, shares with us the development of the ‘Portal’ animation.

We started our project as Brothers in Art.

This was to encourage older men in South East Northumberland to become more involved in the Arts.

The problem is, that when people say "Art", they immediately think of painting and drawing.

That is NOT the case.

Our project JOURNEYMEN is a coming together of different people, from very different backgrounds to create differing perspectives about art.

Our animation project is a small example of what can be achieved.

The animation shows the changes which have been made in the North East over the last few Hundred years.

• Coal was the main driving force.
• We were rich in the natural resources that were to power the industrial revolution.
• From that, came the need to transport these resources in a much more efficient way.
• The railways were born through this.
• A revolutionary transport system which was to change the world.
• Of course, railways could only operate in the country they were in.
• More was needed.
• Ships that could transport coal around the globe.
• Steel.
• Mass employment.
• Major investment in the UK.
• Britain was open to the world and ready to trade.

As time passed, as we have shown in the animation, things changed.

The decline of coal, of steel and of shipbuilding.

The railways still ran, but on a much-diminished role.

We then looked to the future.

Data, smart technologies.

The North East will continue to be a force for good in the UK.