Connecting, communicating and celebrating communities

August 21, 2019

Jason Thompson is a digital filmmaker, photographer, director, producer and editor, and owner of Sound Ideas Media, a North East based digital production company. I am passionate about using digital photography and video to connect people, communicate their personalities and enthusiasms, and celebrate their shared journeys and stories.   Jason shared with us, some of … Read More

A local lad, exhibiting worldwide

August 20, 2019

Jamie has worked with two of our younger Journeymen groups; Real Deal and the Refugee Group. In each instance he has explored the use of aerosols to create art and married new techniques with the old- resulting in a bringing a fresh, young voice to the exhibition. Jamie Evans’ work blends a graffiti-inspired aesthetic with … Read More

Knopfler-inspired male art group

August 20, 2019

Brothers In Art is one of the groups of men who are sharing their journey of growing up in the North East of England. “We are a group for men and, although we come from different backgrounds, we all share an interest in being creative and experiencing new things.  We are open-minded and like to … Read More